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LGGA becomes a Regional Council Special Interest Group

Recently a Geospatial Special Interest Group was set up under the Te Uru Kahika Regional and Unitary Councils’ structure. This will mean some changes for the LGGA. We will create a hybrid SIG that has regional council representatives for each of our regions as all SIGs do, but we will continue to exist as the LGGA as well.

Territorial Authority representatives will continue to be part of our new group because it is felt that one of the original reasons for setting up the LGGA, to be a voice for all councils, remains. Over the coming months it will be clearer how this will function. In mean time, we continue with regular posts and updates to this site and continue to post on LinkedIn.

The big opportunities for becoming a SIG means being able to engage widely across regional councils where we can contribute to work occurring and visa versa. Additionally it will be very helpful to have a governance structure to assist with developing major projects, something that we haven’t had to date.

Gill Lawrence is the Convenor of the Geospatial SIG and Glen Clarkin is the Co-convenor.

If you wish to understand more about Te Uru Kahika follow this link: Te Uru Kahika - Regional and Unitary Councils Aotearoa | Ko Tātou LGNZ


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