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Marine Data Innovation Project 


One of Toitū Te Whenua LINZ (LINZ) key outcomes is to enable access and reuse of high-value geospatial information. LINZ partnered with three public sector agencies, Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), Departments of Conservation (DOC), and Te Arawhiti, to secure funding from the from the Digital Government Partnership Innovation Fund (DGPIF) operated by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA).


The Marine Data Innovation Project focuses on enabling improved management of marine environment, through improving access, integration and reuse of high-value marine spatial data. The project will enable integrated marine management by:

Part 1: Developing a technical proof of concept based on a cloud-based datamesh that:

  • connects and integrates existing marine geospatial data held on various data platforms, and in various formats and standards. 

  • ensures each organisation remains responsible for the maintenance and quality of their own data,

  • enables participatory analysis via open and shared tools so decisions can be collaborative and transparent.

Part 2: Growing awareness of Te Ao Māori in marine geospatial data management in Aotearoa. This component of the project will be scoped in collaboration with this a project partner.

The goal of this part of the project is to build a Māori and Iwi perspective on marine data management and data governance in Aotearoa. It aims to identify how marine data may support the interest of Māori. LINZ will work with a relevant party / partner to scope and plan this part of the project.

Each partner agency has developed and is leading a use case, working directly with the Supplier, to connect relevant marine data sets and analysis tools, and prove the value of the datamesh for each case study, assessing the performance and benefits of the system against key outputs. These use cases are  Protected Species (MPI), Coastal Planning (DOC), Customary Rights (Te Arawhiti) and Resilience (LINZ).

The project team has recorded an overview for the LGGA for the Marine Data Innovation project.  The Youtube presentation is here:


Provided below are links that direct you to the Use Cases in the video and the project time frame and outcomes.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to Rachel Gabara  at or

Please click on the image below to open Marine Datamesh - Project on a page document

Project partners

Figure. 1 The partners in the project who have also provided use cases for the Marine Datamesh.

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