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The NZ Institute of Survey and Spatial (NZIS) are currently looking at the option of introducing a professional certification programme for spatial practitioners in New Zealand – RPSpatial (Registered Spatial Professional). We are requesting feedback from the wider spatial industry as to whether this is something that is wanted and needed, in what format it would be most valuable, and whether it would be supported if it was introduced.

This would be a professional certification rather than a technical or ‘educational’ one, and could provide an additional professional credential and career ‘goal’ for our spatial professionals. However, it will only gain traction if employers and individuals support its development and ongoing value. As such, we are interested to know more about what the NZ spatial industry would find relevant and useful in such a certification programme that would encourage its adoption.

We are also interested in how the certification could fit with the existing GISP-AP certification option (which is also supported by NZIS though partnership with SSSI), and ‘fill the gap’ that the GISP-AP does not cater for. This is part of a wider program by NZIS to understand and address the needs of spatial professionals in New Zealand, and ensure we are providing services that support and grow the industry.

NZIS has circulated a working paper, available here.

We’d like to encourage spatial professionals (at all stages of their career), and employers of spatial professionals, to provide thoughts and feedback on this working paper by the end of August 2018. All feedback and input will be really helpful in the development of this programme.

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