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LGGA @ Esri Conference - Day 1 - Historical Imagery

Day 1 at the Esri Conference saw Gill Lawrence present an LGGA update at the Esri Local Government Special Interest Session.

Gill shared progress of our LGGA Historical Imagery Project.

At June 2016 150,000 images have been scanned and delivered. It is estimated that Auckland will have their photos competed in December 2016, Bay of Plenty and Gisborne in June 2018, Waikato in December 2018 and the others in 2020.

The footprints of the scanned images are available on the LINZ Data Service.

To find out more about the LGGA Historical Imagery Project, please see our blog page.

If you wish to have the images for your area scanned, please make contact with Bjorn Johns, LINZ. (04 4600 580 or

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