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Historic Imagery is here

Are you a history buff or interested in changes in land use over time? Then you’ll be glad to hear that LINZ has made a handful of digitised images from the Crown historic aerial photo archive available for download from Flickr.

LINZ has published them to showcase this valuable content and trial ways of distributing images in the archive. Great progress has been made to date, with 20% of the archive now digitised. Digitised Historic Aerial Surveys Available for Download (1936-2005) layer shows the extents of the digitised surveys published on Flickr. NZ Aerial Photo Footprints (1936-2005) layer shows the extent of each photo within the archive. Due to the feature density of the dataset, we recommend you download a cropped area of data and view it in a GIS for easier analysis. The ‘scanned’ column tells you whether the photo has been scanned yet. See the article on WFS filtering below to download a file from this dataset of only the records that have been scanned.

The scanning was enabled only with contribution from the following project partners:

(All LGGA members by the way)

  • Auckland Council

  • Bay of Plenty Regional Council

  • Environment Canterbury

  • Gisborne Regional Council

  • Hawkes Bay Regional Council

  • Waikato Regional Council

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