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Historic Aerial Images

The LGGA has been involved in Pilot project to begin scanning the NZ Aerial Crown Imagery Archives. The Crown Archive has 500,000 images from 1936 to 2005. The Pilot is undertaking the scanning of two areas to gain scanning capability using two scanners that have been purchased by LINZ, finding out what the challenges are in scanning different types of films, cameras and conditions of the images, finalising metadata capture and considering georeferencing implications. This will assist in the development of a business case for the next steps in saving the archive including a funding model.

Councils use these photos for many reasons. The LGGA would like to start encourgaging councils to consider inclusion of budget towards aerial photography. There is likely to be a funding model across different sectors, but there will be a council component. There is huge value in saving these resources. Contact Gill Lawrence for more information.

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