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LINK Online – connecting councils with the latest environmental research

Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research have been running seminars in Wellington to share their research with government agencies for almost 10 years. These informal events provided good opportunities for connecting information and priorities and we were looking for a way to reach all our regional/ district council friends around the country in the same format.

Inspired by lockdown, we decided to take the Wellington seminars on-line and translated the same approach to a webinar platform. These have been a great success and enable us to offer a wide variety of topics of interest to councils. The webinars are just 30 minutes, focused on a specific topic and include a short time for Q&A. For those who cannot attend live, there’s a recording available and we then provide this, along with Q&A, any appropriate web-links or publications and the slides on our website here

Presentations have covered several of the geospatial data-sets managed and developed by MWLR - check out the sessions on

  • How NZ’s landscape is changing – introducing the Land Cover Database ver 5.0

  • The Answer is in the Soil: S-map 101

  • High Flyers – Advanced Remote Sensing Aotearoa

Much of our research - even social and economic - draws on geospatial data and you will probably also be interested in

  • Targeting vulnerability to multiple hazards in pandemic recovery

We are currently working on the LINK Online webinar programme for 2021 - do drop me a line to let me know if there are any topics you’d like to hear more about.

Want to join the invitation list? Just e-mail with LINK Online in the subject line and I’ll sign you up!

Christine Harper, Strategic Stakeholder Relationship Manager


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