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Geospatial Open Data portal launched by Auckland Council

Auckland Council has developed a geospatial self-service data delivery solution, the Auckland Council Open Data Portal, providing an increased range of geospatial datasets that can be downloaded in a variety of formats, or referenced via web services/APIs.

Geospatial data is a core asset to local government organisations, foundational in planning, enabling, monitoring, and reporting on initiatives, capabilities, and results. In the last ten years the geospatial landscape has changed, with new ways of accessing and managing data becoming available, including cloud technologies.

Auckland Council has recognised the changing needs and requirements of its customers, and we are proud to have recently relaunched our geospatial Open Data Portal, making a wide range of council geospatial data assets available to the public to explore, download and use in their own projects. Users can download data in a variety of formats, with web services/APIs available in many cases to reference Council maintained data in your own projects.

Scaling up the open publication of Council-owned geospatial data assets enables users to explore the data themselves and combine Council datasets with their own to generate new insights and geospatial products. Users can explore pre-defined data categories, or search for specific datasets, with filters on dataset type, topic, and date range for last update to refine their search. From the Open Data product, users can also get access to other geospatial data portals, such as from Auckland Transport, Watercare, LINZ, and Retrolens. The product will be of particular interest to researchers, developers, professionals, and anyone who wants to leverage increased access to council-held data.

The value of geospatial data increases when it is actively employed to make decisions and take effective actions that contribute to solving real-world problems. Through making our geospatial data assets easily accessible, the Auckland Council Open Data Portal will enable users and businesses to innovate, inform, and inspire, and gain new insights into opportunities and ways to tackle real-world problems in Auckland and beyond.


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