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Future of NZ Localities

Do you use NZ Localities data? If so, Toitu Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) would love to hear from you via the NZ Localities customer survey

From January 2023, Toitu Te Whenua will take on responsibility for managing the NZ Localities dataset, currently maintained by Fire and Emergency New Zealand. This work is part of the 12 key datasets for resilience and climate change data improvement plan, where LGGA continues to be an influential stakeholder helping shape the work programme and confirming priorities. LINZ are taking the opportunity to review the NZ Localities dataset, and input from the local government geospatial community is really valuable. This is your opportunity to inform the development of a pilot dataset that will be rolled out later this year. The current NZ Localities dataset will remain in place throughout the pilot. The survey takes five to ten minutes to complete. It is anonymous and the information gathered will only be used to support this project. Complete the survey now Please complete the survey by Thursday 23rd June 2022.


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