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Establishing an Aotearoa Property Data Network

What are we doing?

LINZ is establishing a nationwide Property Data Network, initially taking the form of a quarterly virtual forum to share information and foster enhancements across Aotearoa’s property system. The purpose is to improve the data going into the property system and enable better outcomes.

This will be an open-invite forum for any organisation using property data, and not confined to discussing LINZ’s own systems and products.

LINZ sees itself as a steward of the wider property system beyond our immediate remit, and will act as the secretariat for the Network.

Why are we doing it?

We are committed to being a customer led organisation. This is reflected in our work over the last couple of years; Susan Shaw’s passionate championing of emergency and resilience data, the Notice of Change (NoC) project, and creating the Engagement Team (including my role).

We want to hear from our customers and stakeholders how changing demands are affecting your work, and we want to understand how we can help, whether directly by updating our own systems and products, or indirectly by advocating on your behalf.

LINZ takes a broad view of property data to consider how we might better connect the multiple perspectives – cultural, environmental, buildings, land uses, and so on - that make up any property.

What are the benefits for LGGA stakeholders?

The network will provide a channel for direct and regular engagement with LINZ and other government stakeholders.

In addition to the overarching network, we see there is value in creating a local & central government focus-group to foster greater collaboration.

As individual issues and opportunities arise, we will also establish working groups focused on these items with the interested parties.

The first meeting of the Aotearoa Property Data Network is on Tuesday 3rd May, 1-3pm, please let me know if you haven’t already received the invite. The next meeting will be in early August, and I aim to strengthen connections with LGGA and our local government customers in the meantime.

Ben Reilly Customer Relationship Manager – Property Data


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