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New National Speed Limit Register (NSLR)

New NSLR!!! Meet your RCA requirements and maintain your data through the new geospatially enabled web application.

The Land Transport Rule, Setting of Speed Limits 2017 (the Rule), divides the responsibility for and ownership of speed limits between organisations at both central and local government level.

Under the Rule, Road Controlling Authorities (RCAs):

  • set enforceable speed limits on roads within their jurisdictions and

  • establish and maintain a publicly accessible register of speed limits that records the details of all speed limits (except temporary speed limits) for their roads.

The Rule also requires the NZ Transport Agency to:

  • establish and maintain a speed limit register and

  • make that register publicly available.

This enables the RCAs to meet their obligation to provide a publicly accessible register of speed limits by providing their speed limit data to the Transport Agency.

The National Speed Limit Register (NSLR) project began in mid-2018 and is being developed by the Transport Agency, in collaboration with Abley Ltd and Eagle Technology.

The project has two streams:

  • Web application development

The web application will enable RCAs to create and manage speed limits through a geospatially enabled web tool. All the complex business rules, access restrictions and quality control have been built in to the design to support ease of use, a national dataset and remove risk across a nationally consistent dataset.

  • Data migration

Each RCA currently create, manage and maintain individual speed limit registers. Collaborative teams have been set up between Abley and the Agency to migrate the RCA data and provide them with training. This approach will continue, as the sector works together on continuing to populate the register with other RCA data.

We aim to have the NSLR application ready for use towards the end of this year, with all RCA data migrated by the end of 2020.

Expect to see more about the NSLR from the Transport Agency as we progress data migration with RCAs around the country.

Check out the NSLR FAQ for information about latest project updates.

Please email if you have further queries.

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