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Building & Resource Consents Survey

LGGA recently ran a survey to find out about your consents data. Our aim was to gather information and use this to help improve the way we manage and deliver consents data nationally.

Of the 78 local authorities in New Zealand, 43 organisations took the time to provide a response, which equates to a healthy 55% survey response rate. Of the organisations who did respond 100% were willing to consider adopting a national standard for recording spatial information for consents.

This sends a clear message to LGGA that we could make a real difference in improving consents data.

In summary, the survey found we are all maintaining a unique identifier for our consents. In terms of location, most of us are currently storing our building consents based on property, with more than half the respondents recording specific locations for resource consents. Average consent data supply is monthly, with the data going out to a wide range of audiences, but very few of us are supplying consent data online.

Our first step is to focus on creating a framework for a national building consents dataset. Our aim will be to keep things simple to ensure all Councils can be involved.

We will work directly with the people who responded to the survey, but don’t forget to sign up to the LGGA blog to receive project updates.

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