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The LINZ Resilience team

Did you know LINZ has a new Resilience team? The team's role is to support key stakeholders, (including local government) to prepare for, manage and respond to emergency events and to prepare for climate change.

Have your say on the 12 key data sets for resilience

The Resilience team has been working on a project to improve data that is commonly used in emergency management, including risk reduction, readiness, response and recovery.

Recognising that there is a vast amount of important information, LINZ has decided to focus on 12 key data sets. These cover people, property, transport, rivers and topography. Work has begun with the lead agency for each of these data sets - including Stats NZ, NZ Transport Agency, KiwiRail, NIWA, FENZ and LINZ - to implement data improvement plans.

You can learn more about the Key Datasets for Resilience and Climate Change project in this introduction, which also includes a survey link for each key data set.

The LGGA is keen to support this project and to ensure LINZ receives a broad range of responses, we encourage you to complete the survey. The survey closes Friday 29th March 2019.

If you have any questions or want to know more contact LINZ at

LINZ Support during an emergency response

LINZ can provide help before, during and after an emergency event. LINZ is able to support external agencies responding to an event by coordinating the capture and delivery of aerial photography, LiDAR and bathymetry.

Improving data access via

LINZ has been working with the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) to create groups on so resilience and emergency management data is easier to find and use. As an example there are 102 flood data sets on . This is obviously far too many to wade (!) through, so a flood group has been created to filter this information down to 6 key GIS layers.

As local government GIS'ers the data we hold can really help build a national picture of hazard and resilience data. Check out

for information on how to get started.

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