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A lot has been happening behind the scenes of the LGGA.

Last year we brought on board new members to assist with the LGGA’s communication and engagement. Wendy Gomwe from Auckland Council helped us launch our first newsletter and the design of the new website. More recently, we welcomed Gail Yearbury-Murphy from Northland Regional Council and Lidia Van Kruiningen from Environment Canterbury.

Lidia's introduction

We have also been busy redesigning the new website to provide a more modern look and to improve the user experience, so we hope you enjoy it.

With this being said I should introduce myself. My name is Lidia and I currently work at Environment Canterbury in Christchurch as GIS technical support for the Canterbury Maps [A2] website. I am heavily involved in the maintenance and training aspects of this site as well as writing newsletters approximately every two months to keep users up to date with changes and what’s to come.

So how do I fit in with the LGGA? I am joining the LGGA Communications team. This is made up of Wendy Gomwe from Auckland Council who published the first newsletter and substantially started this website; Gill Lawrence and Gail Yearbury-Murphy are the two LGGA reps who work with us. I will be helping write content for the newsletters and ensuring the website stays as up to date as possible. I am looking forward to becoming more involved with the LGGA and hope the new improved website enables more communication and collaboration between geospatial professionals.

A word from Wendy

Last year I volunteered to assist the LGGA with its goal to invigorate its communication and engagement with local government geospatial groups and other spatial communities. Taking up the challenge was an easy decision for me. I am passionate about my role as a communication advisor and assisting the LGGA only gets me closer to the pulse of GIS across New Zealand.

I work for Auckland Council as the Geospatial Team’s Customer Engagement and Communication Advisor. In this role, I oversee the Geospatial Newsletter, maintain our intranet site (second most popular site on our organisation's intranet site), manage our spatial events and work toward and work on strengthening customer engagement through better communication and awareness.

Together with Gill Lawrence, Gail Yearbury-Murphy, and Lidia Van Kruiningen, we form the LGGA Communication team. Our goal is to keep the flow of information and about what’s happening in local government GIS to you, promote geospatial events and training opportunities, and share geospatial resources wherever possible.

If you have something you’d like to share or promote, please get in touch. Email us at

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