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Tracks update

Getting Back on Track

In November 2014, the Local Government Geospatial Alliance (LGGA) and LINZ published our combined tracks data as a national dataset on the LINZ Data Service. This national dataset has been well used by Central and Local Government agencies, for example LINZ has used the data to update the Topo50 maps. The good news is that Department for Conservation is making good progress with adopting the tracks data standard with the aim of publishing their tracks as a web service.

We are having a push to update the national tracks data by August, ready for hitting the trails in Spring 2016. Below are details of how to send your tracks data and any updates to Greg Byrom ( at LINZ, and we are asking you to do this in the next three weeks - by 8th July.

While working with LINZ to arrange the tracks data updates, we have learnt that LINZ is focused on updating the roads data on the Topo50 maps. So when you are sending your tracks data updates, LINZ is also keen to receive a supply of your roads data too. Any field structure or data schema is fine for this, although LINZ would prefer the data in NZTM map projection.

There are a few options for getting your tracks data to LINZ:

Web Service:

If your tracks data is already available in the LGGA national standard schema, via web download or web services (e.g. WFS) – please email Greg Byrom ( at LINZ your service URL by 8th July 2016. Greg will inform you when LINZ have picked up the data.

Adopt Data Structure:

If your tracks data is in the LGGA national standard schema, email your data directly to Greg Byrom ( in any spatial format e.g. shapefile, geodatabase, MapInfo or KMZ by 8th July 2016.

Just Give Us Your Tracks:

If your organisation has not yet adopted the LGGA national standard schema, simply extract your existing tracks data in any spatial format, e.g. shapefile, geodatabase, MapInfo or KMZ etc.) and send it to Greg Byrom ( by 8th July 2016. LINZ will process your data into the national data structure, however it will take LINZ longer to process the data and therefore your updates will not be available on the LINZ Data Service by August. The above options are preferred to ensure prompt update of your data.

  • If you haven’t supplied data before, the best place to start is the User Guide and data templates.

  • Also don’t forget each of your tracks should have a unique number.

  • The data should be open and able to be reused – for example CC-BY ( If you do not have clear licensing set up for your tracks data, please refer to LGGA's Releasing Council Geospatial Data blog

FTP Option:

A secure FTP site has been setup at LINZ for you to upload your tracks data. Please contact Greg Byrom ( by 8th July 2016 for the FTP login details.

LGGA and LINZ appreciate your assistance and are looking forward to having an updated national Walking and Biking Tracks dataset.

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