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Why local government should engage with open-data?

Do you need convincing that releasing geospatial data is the right thing to do for local govt? Watch this engaging talk from a recent talk on TED to find out why? You will be convinced, so check out our 'toolkit' page for resources available to help you start the journey towards openData ....

From our toolkit page ....

Releasing Council Geospatial Data

Creative Commons licensing can be used to release the bulk of Geospatial data. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand License (CC BY 3.0) is the most appropriate licence to use.

Prior to release, the data needs to be checked to ensure:

  • It belongs to the council who intends to give it out

  • It can be provided

  • It has quality metadata

The issuing council is responsible for performing this check. If it doesn’t meet these criteria it cannot be provided.

Justification for this decision

New Zealand has a strong history of open and transparent government that is internationally recognised. One of the pillars of open and transparent government is open government data and information.

Evidence suggests that opening up this information for re-use has considerable and widespread benefits to government, industry and the public. At the same time, technological and cultural advances also make it cheaper and easier to do.

A number of resources have been referred to in arriving at the above standpoint. These include:

NZGOAL Advice on using the Creative Commons licenses – Legal opinion from A J Park, 14 April 2011

Guidance and resources with more detail:



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