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Kids in schools learning about GIS

Recently the NZ Geospatial Office, who convene a Geospatial Capability Committee, held a High Country hi-tech Virtual Field Trip for schools introducing GIS concepts to schools and capturing the kids interest in attending with a competition about drones. It sounds like a successful trip.

You might like to check out the videos on the LEARNZ Vimeo website - including one with Jana Kaeppeler (GIS Officer at Mackenzie DC) entitled “Using GIS and sharing data” that shows students some of the common data layers that local government GIS/mapping applications typically use. At the end it suggests that students check out their local council to see what online maps and GIS data they have.

You never know, a student near you might start asking about GIS data or careers in GIS!

By all means pass on the link to the site to people you know who have young people grappling about careers.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Gill Lawrence, LG rep on the Geospatial Capability Committee. (Contact email: )

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