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Let’s improve local government consents data, your help is needed.

The Local Government Geospatial Alliance is conducting this important survey to assess the state of spatial consents data in local government. We want your feedback so that we can get a picture of spatial consents data in local government and understand common issues. With this information we hope to be able to help resolve some issues and perhaps work towards building a nationally consistent dataset.

The survey covers a wide range of topics in relation to consents and consents data, we don't have email addresses for everyone in your organisation who knows about these areas, so could you please forward this email on to people in your organisation who know about building consents, resource consents, data and spatial data. We don't mind receiving multiple copies of the survey the same organisation.

We are wanting to take fast action in this area so could you please have the survey completed by Friday, 5 June 2015.

We really value your help and if you would like a copy of the results or have further involvement in this initiative, you can leave your email address in the section at the end of the survey.

click the link below to start the survey.

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