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Fleshing out the meanings of the stickie notes at the Symposium

At the ALGIM GIS Symposium we held a workshop to discuss future projects that the LGGA could consider undertaking. We did this in three sections:

1. Issues

2. Data

3. Communications

The ideas were provided by stickie notes up on the wall. It’s a great way of getting ideas flowing. The drawback is needing to make sure that what was written is being interpreted correctly. The aim of this addition on the blog is to report back on the highest rated suggestions in each of the three sections and to seek clarification of the intention for the first two; for the communications it is pretty obvious but if there are further comments you would like to make please do so.

What we would like is that you edit the table so that we get comprehensive thoughts for each item. Spreadsheet of Ideas (click here to add you comments)

The LGGA team are meeting again in late June and will be working on these suggestions then.

We look forward to your contributions.

Gill, Dave and Iain

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